Jupiters Casino Restaurants – World Famous

Jupiters Casino Restaurants is located all over the world. It has branches in Chicago, New York, Miami Beach and Las Vegas to name a few. It is a world famous restaurant chain that specializes in Chinese food. The Jupiters offer you top class Chinese cuisine at affordable prices. Each location promises a unique experience while maintaining its original theme of giving you the very best Chinese cuisine available anywhere.

Chinese people have been visiting the Jupiters Casino restaurants for more than two decades. The restaurant chain started out serving only Chinese food but later began to expand globally. Today, it serves a variety of dishes from Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thai and German cuisines. The Jupiters offers exquisite service and warm hospitality to each customer. There are more than 70 restaurants spread out in China Town.

Most of the Jupiters Casino restaurants have been personally selected by their founder and operator Jack Zipes. Jack Zipes used his expertise as a chef to create the recipes that are now served at Jupiters. He has also hired chefs with extensive knowledge of Chinese cooking to cook the meals. When the restaurant first opened, only Chinese food was served but today you will find a wide variety of dishes.

Jupiters are renowned as some of the best restaurants in the world. When you dine at one of the Jupiters restaurants in China Town, you will feel the warmth and hospitality of the owner and staff. If you are dining with friends or family you will also get a great deal of attention and help from the hostesses. The staff also goes out of their way to make each guest feel special. In fact, the waiters even go out of their way to greet each table at the bar table and even take orders.

Most Chinese dishes served at Jupiters are made from rice, noodles, meats and vegetables. They use fresh spices and sauces to enhance the flavor. If you are having a special Chinese cuisine dinner, don’t forget to order a Jupiters dinner special, which is a combination of all of your favorite foods on one plate. The best part about Jupiters is that you can choose from hundreds of Chinese dishes, and not just the familiar Chinese favorites. If you love Chinese food, you will love Jupiters.

Jupiters casino restaurants are located at Pleasure Island Bay in Miami Florida. Jupiters offers many different types of food and drink. Because they serve only local and authentic Chinese cuisine, there is nothing else like it in the United States.