Jupiters Casino Buffet

jupiters casino buffet

Jupiters Casino Buffet

Located in the inner Brisbane suburbs of Broad Beach, Jupiters Casino buffet is one of the favorite resorts in Australia. Situated in the area of Southport, this resort is also home to other local attractions such as Broad Beach Racecourse and Pacific Harbour. Jupiters offers an array of amenities and facilities to its guests.

A Jupiters Casinoatered seafood buffet is served onsite daily. Meals are offered at a leisurely pace and buffet style which afford everyone at the table the opportunity to savour the natural and fresh seafood. Diners are treated to delectable Thai, Chinese and Italian cuisine. In August, the casino offers a Seafood Bowl promotion where a twenty-four hour Seafood Buffet will be available for a limited time. This enthralling offer is available from November till August 2021.

One of the most popular attractions at Jupiters is the World Famous Jupiters Crab Cake Eating Event. It’s held every Tuesday night from six PM until ten PM at the world famous El Hotel. This special buffet is available for those who are attending the World Famous Jupiters casino meeting. Each guest is entitled to a free dessert upon entering the casino.

There are several events at Jupiters that people are sure to remember. Two of the more popular ones are the Fish Filled Stomping Event and the Natives Festival. The Fish Filled Stomping Event is held on November every Tuesday and is the place to be for a spectacular display of foot stomping music from local DJs. For an extra special treat, the November edition of the Koasati Pines Festival includes live performances by foxtrot and the Shakers. The festival was started in 2021 with the intention of replicating the traditional Filipino experience of celebrating New Year’s Day with friends and family. This special occasion also includes cultural displays from both Filipino and International cultures.

For a unique experience, tourists can book a Jupiters casino dining package to include their choice of any of the above events or activities. It’s recommended to check whether each of the above attractions is included in the Jupiters casino dining packages because all venues are different. Make sure you choose the right casino buffet for your needs so you can enjoy an exclusive dining experience at your favorite online casino.

Jupiters offers a wide range of different casino buffet packages for clients to choose from. Their November buffet features traditional Filipino dishes like Bulalo, pork and chicken cooked in banana leaves, lengthened fish that is cut into chunks and served with salty rice that is served with steamed white rice. Some November buffet packages also feature a selection of international cuisine such as German, Japanese, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Moroccan and more. For an extra special treat, diners can order Jupiters casino specialties like seafood pasta salad that is garnished with crab meat, sweet potatoes, green onions, and peas as well as a soup that features coconut and shrimp paste as its main ingredients. This specialties lunch is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!