The Jupiters Casino – The Best Value on the Eastern Coast

There’s a lot to do at the Jupiters Casino Beach. This is by far the biggest beach in Phuket. The two sandy beaches are Jupiters Cay and Broadbeach. Each has different activities that keep you busy for hours on end. The water sports offer something for everyone, the great sun and sand makes this a top destination spot.

Broadbeam is the less expensive of the two. Jupiters have some amazing hotels and resorts here which offer all kinds of luxurious and cheap accommodations to their guests. The broadbeam jetty allows for easy access to the casinos and shops. This jetty also offers a wide array of water sports and shopping venues. Jupiters offer all kinds of nightlife clubs like the Big Buddha, Ultra nightclubs, etc.

The hotels in Broadbeam are located on the northern portion of the beach. The Hotels in Broadbeam are mostly spaced apart allowing for more visitors than what they can accommodate. You will find that there are wide doors and windows which will lead you directly to the casino floor. Broadbeam offers better value for money as compared to Jupiters Cay.

When we talk about the games in Jupiters, we cannot leave out the slots and craps. The slots here are very similar to those at the casinos in Vegas, with one exception, the jackpot amounts here are always bigger than those found at the other casinos. Jupiters casino slots are found throughout the casino and you can choose the ones you’re comfortable with and even custom made ones to suit your requirements.

Jupiters offers many wonderful shops and restaurants. There’s a wide variety of food options to choose from ranging from local to international cuisine. The restaurants are located on both sides of the beach allowing guests to enjoy their meal while overlooking the beautiful blue water. In case you don’t like to eat much when you’re on holiday then the beachside restaurants are the best option for you.

The entertainment options in Jupiters are numerous and diverse. A Jupiter also offers a variety of live entertainment including fire dancers, magicians, jugglers and hypnotists. You can also take in a few sports under the sun. One of the most exciting sports in Jupiters Cay is the beach volleyball. It’s easy to see why this resort has become so famous with tourists who come here on vacation.