Jupiters Casino Dress Code

Jupiters Casino Dress Code is strictly observed by all employees of the casino. The casino’s main public address system is also utilized to announce all guests of the Jupiters casino. All employees should observe this code at all times when they are on duty at the casino. Jupiters Casino has a dress code for all its employees and all guests of the casino should also observe this code.

Jupiters has adopted a formal dress code for its employees, which has been reviewed and approved by the World Professional Group (WPG). This group is composed of all the top casinos worldwide. At the inception of the Jupiters casino, the employees were casual in their dress code. As more casinos offered a formal dress code to its workers, it was adopted by Jupiters. The WPG and other groups that approved the casino’s dress code include; The Association of American Gaming Professionals (AAGP), The National Association of Professional Beauticians (NAPFA), The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), The National Shirt Company (NSCA) and The United States Playing House Commission (USHPCC). All these organizations offer high standards to their members and monitor the performance of their members.

When we review the Jupiters casino dress code, we notice that the casino staff is expected to wear a jacket and a suit. This code of conduct is displayed on the hotel front office wall. Jupiters Hotel has a specific dress code for its hotel employees. The casino hotel room attendant is required to wear a simple uniform.

All persons who work in the casino are required to wear a jingle suit. No jewelry or clothing of any kind is allowed inside the casino. Any individual who wishes to leave the casino is required to remove all clothing except a mask if he/she wishes to gamble. Even the waiters and the floor workers are enjoined to wear a jingle suit and a jingle headband.

Other minor codes of conduct imposed on the casino include; no alcohol allowed in the casino, no gambling or playing cards in the casino or in the reception area of the casino, no glass of alcoholic beverages allowed in the casino or at any table where card games are being played, no woman players and no smoking allowed on the casino premises. The casino also prohibits gambling in any of its hotels. All such activities will be considered illegal and will be punishable by the resort’s management.

In order to follow this code of conduct, one must be aware of the policies of the resort. These rules may be changed from time to time. Be aware that the casino staff will make sure that you follow the rules of the casino. If you violate the rules, you may be asked to leave the casino. The casino will give you a warning before you are taken away in handcuffs.