Casino Monday Movies Review

jupiters casino monday movies

Casino Monday Movies Review

In case you have yet to see Jupiters Casino Monday Movies on Netflix, you should really give it a try. This is one of the first and most important television series ever made about the world of online gambling. The interesting thing about this series is that it features an entirely fictional gambling operation in Las Vegas.

In this show, Jack Caustic, played by famous actor Ed Asner, was one of the early pioneers of online gambling. As a victim of a lottery fraud, Jack’s life changed for the better after he started betting online against the odds. He and his gambling partner got their start at a Vegas poker room called Wynn Las Vegas. When Jack discovered the possibilities of online gambling, he decided to start another online casino, this time using the more difficult games such as blackjack and baccarat.

There is no doubt that Jack Caustic is a good actor who gives off a real cool vibe, but it was the casinos in Vegas that made this show truly great. As soon as Jack started playing in online poker rooms, he realized how much fun it is to be part of an online gambling world, while at the same time, learning real tactics and strategies from the experts. As a result, Jack started promoting these casinos, which lead to the creation of one of the most successful online casinos ever known – Jupiters Casino Monday Movies.

Even though you could make your own guess as to what makes Jack Caustic so awesome, he doesn’t really answer that question. What I can say for sure is that he goes to great lengths to make his character come across as believable as possible.

Another reason why this movie works so well is because it contains several of the best stories from Jack’s many years of being a casino owner. It also uses some very powerful, albeit humorous scenes of Jack having a breakdown because of losses he has suffered and some of the things he has done while gambling. It shows how this guy can be one of the most hilarious characters in this field of online gambling.

Even though the movie is over four decades old, it still features some very up-to-date ways of making it work for its target audience. One of those ways is the unique Casino Tuesday movie’s format, which is played out in a series of daily poker videos.

For those who enjoy watching poker videos, you will certainly enjoy watching this one. If you haven’t yet seen it, it’s probably because you haven’t seen it yet.